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We also support Don and Marie-José Mann financially and with our prayers. They are the founder of three ministries. Reinvent the Church’s (RTC) goal is to work in partnership with the established church as well as with the leaders whom are arising internationally to revive, renew and restore the relevance of the church. Créations Chitenge is a sewing micro-enterprise which provides viable business opportunities to African women.


They also work with Bridging China and Africa (BCA) which is a partnership between the churches in Canada, China and Africa. There are over one million Chinese workers in Africa. Measures are put in place such as having a meeting place to bring them out of fear and isolation as well as English as a second language courses. The goal is also to teach them the Word of God so they can become, in their turn, living witness of Christ.


In January 2014, Don and Marie-José left Kitwe in Zambia to settle down in Pretoria, South Africa, where they will create the Centre for the integrity of the leadership (CIL). CIL’s vision is to train a generation of leaders on the African continent who are aspiring to integrity and centered on the Bible and filled with the Holy Spirit, because by increasing the leaders’ integrity, the church’s integrity increases as well.


As Canadian international workers, Don and Marie-José spends six months in Africa and the other six months they travel in Canada and other regions of the world to speak during seminars, conferences, campsite and other churches.


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