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Since 2013, different teams and I had the priviledge to visit Haiti about ten times, which represent approximately two trips per year. After the first trip to the central plateau’s mountains and to Port au Prince, our hearts were deeply touched and we felt as though we had a role to play to bring the kingdom of God’s impact in this country. Despite the great work that others are doing, we believe that there is strength through unity. Our main activities are at the church Église évangélique unie internationale which is located at Delmas 60. Our work is done in collaboration with the Hodos apostolic network which I am a member of. We are involved with the children by providing training programs where we pass on the values of the kingdom of God.


Donations are offered to the King’s Garden orphanage which rely on the King’s Christian hospital which we visit to pray for the sick and encourage employees to persevere in their faith and in their dedication toward the population. This institution is led by doctor Junie Hyacinthe, a devoted servant of God with whom we collaborate. Other donations go to the school which is in the basement of the church Église évangélique unie internationale during the time we need to we build a school that can accommodate 200 students.


We also work for the leadership training of the church which will develop new competencies that are transferable in the everyday life. We also do Gospel campaign, various manual labor like fixings as well as conferences and seminars on the kingdom of God, the apostolic ministry and the married life.


Our objectives are to help the community by church action, to support the orphanage and to widen the partnership network. Among other things, we have the desire to change people so that the church can be more and more involved and so that their community at Delmas 60 be transformed by the glory of God. To achieve that, one of our next major project is to build a school. The process is in progress. The architect plans are ready; all we need is to have the right authorisations for the site and then the achievement of the project will speed up. Pastor Bruno Savard


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