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Missions: A road for Haiti

A road for Haïti


In 2012, our team of seven members was going to Haiti to visit the residents of Lafuite, a village at the heart of the mountains from the Cornillon community. The only way to get there was to climb for six hours on a mule and adding to that a line of people carrying the luggage as well as goods on their heads. We found a fragile population, cut from the rest of the country, living in extremely hard conditions. It was an everyday challenge just to get food or essential material; the local agriculture was not sufficient to meet all the food demand. Because they didn’t have access to medical care, women were dying every year while giving birth to their child. Young girls had to exile during their youth to continue their education, and still many of them ended up as restaveks, which means house slave, or they came back to the mountain being pregnant and without any means. Facing this hard reality, we organised and completed the project of building a road of 13 kilometers which connect those people to the rest of the country, to the health care and to education.


The vision that Pastor Termino had over 25 years ago had come to past. His village was finally out of isolation. In collaboration with Le Chemin church, a fundraising campaign which started in December of 2013 and completed in December 2015 will have gathered the tens thousands dollars needed to build this road. The work was done by the local population and was supervised by the PEER Servants Canada foundation. The road is built and fully functional since January 2016. This project was a great success both at the material level as well as the spiritual level. Thank you to all our donors and to all the volunteers that helped with great generosity!


(2017) The implementation of this project paved the way for many public and private services that are now able to reach the village. As such, PEER Servants Canada can continue to work with this community by bringing in new projects. Click on this link to find out more: Building Education in Haiti.


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