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Each Sunday morning, we gather together to celebrate the Lord. The meeting starts by a praise and worship time led by songs and a dynamic and contemporary music.


At Église Évangélique Source de Vie, praise and worship are part of our priorities. We are created to be thankful, proclaim worship songs and to adore God; it’s in our nature. Therefore we grant great importance and great attention to this ministry, to this lifestyle and expression.


Different but united by the Holy Spirit that lives in us and that moves through praise and worship, the presence of God is manifested and we go from glory to glory. Like a ray of sunshine that lands on us. His Kingdom from Heaven comes down on Earth and transforms our lives, brining us on new paths. From season to season, we continue to express who is God, who we are in Him, with our songs and our music.


We also have the privilege to occasionally have the LOUANGE DE VIE group which represent a manifestation of the openness of the church for the multicultural trend of praise and worship from Africa, the Caribbean, and North America.